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Peel Health Campus feedback - overwhelmingly positive

Jun 21, 2019

Peel Health Campus (PHC) received 10 times the number of compliments (1,361) than it did complaints (146) during the last financial year.

PHC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Margaret Sturdy, said the hospital actively seeks feedback because it helps track progress and performance in a number of areas, leading to service improvement.

Feedback is received through a number of avenues, including:

  • feedback forms, which are available at the front reception and on the wards as well as being provided to patients, their carers and visitors at the time of discharge
  • the Patient Opinion website
  • follow-up phone calls - the hospital contacts a random selection of patients for feedback following discharge
  • written correspondence -  emails, letters, cards and via social media
  • verbal communication - patients or carers with concerns can phone the executive office manager directly.

 Dr Sturdy said of the compliments received by PHC, the vast majority related to hospital staff and the care they provide, which had a terrific impact on staff morale.

 “The majority of hospital staff are from the Peel region, and they take great pride in providing care to this community.  It is very satisfying for them to receive positive feedback from the community they serve,” she said.

“We always make sure positive feedback is fed back to staff through managers, the hospital newsletter, and we also display compliments around the hospital so both staff, patients and visitors can take a sense of pride in their local hospital.”

Dr Sturdy said that when a staff member was named she took the time to personally thank them.

She said that although PHC compliments far outweighed complaints in the past few years, complaints were very important because they helped establish areas for improvement.

“While we prefer patients and their loved ones to raise any issues during the actual hospital stay so we can address concerns on the spot, we welcome feedback at any time.”

We have a rigorous complaints management process with every single complaint investigated, and improvements made to the care we deliver when issues are identified,” Dr Sturdy added.