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Peel Health Campus recognised for water efficiencies

Jan 06, 2020

Peel Health Campus (PHC) has been recognised by the Water Corporation for reducing its water consumption levels by 13 per cent, or 450 litres per patient bed day.

Reaching the status of ‘most water wise’ in Western Australia’s ‘Water Wise Business Program’, PHC’s new Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Tome, says the hospital is committed to managing its water use more efficiently.

“It is rewarding to see such a significant reduction in our water consumption thanks to the efforts of our building and engineering team and staff across the hospital,” Mr Tome said.

“It really goes to show what can be achieved through small incremental improvements.”

The hospital’s multi-faceted approach to water conservation has included: 

  • Staff education on water wise issues, such as using the half flush on toilets and reporting leaks
  • Prompt repair of water leaks
  • Planting of native trees to reduce irrigation in hospital grounds
  • Timers to shut down evaporative air conditioners out of hours
  • Automatic stop button on the main dishwasher conveyor to prevent continuous operation of the dishwasher when empty
  • Careful selection of new equipment that uses water to choose most water-efficient models
  • Water wise shower heads fitted to all showers

Mr Tome said the hospital was also looking at a raft of other strategies to help reduce its carbon footprint.

Peel Health Campus recognised for water efficiencies