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Puppet dog brings joy to Peel Health Campus patients

Oct 30, 2019

Rehabilitation patients at Peel Health Campus (PHC) have had a surprise visit from “Lump” the puppet dog.

“Lump” and his puppeteers took time out from their nationwide tour of ‘Picasso and his dog’ that was performing at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (MPAC) to perform and interact with patients at PHC.

Set in 1957, ‘Picasso and his dog’ is based on the true story of Pablo Picasso and his resident Dachshund “Lump”, deep love and the art their wonderful friendship inspired.

MPAC Chief Executive Officer, Guy Boyce, said he hoped the visit brought joy to patients.

“It was a rare show that appealed across all ages,” Mr Boyce said. “Young children tend to love puppets but the older generation are often equally enthused.”

PHC Rehabilitation Unit Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jane Byrne, said the visit prompted lengthy discussions among older adults on the rehabilitation ward.

“It certainly generated a great deal of interaction among the group, which is very important among older patients, particularly those on the rehabilitation ward who have usually been in hospital for longer periods,” she said.

Patient Gertrude (“Gerty”) Keonig said she enjoyed the performance and the artistry of the puppeteer.

“The puppeteers were very clever and made the dog come alive,” Mrs Keonig said.

Ramsay Health Care has been supporting the Mandurah Performing Arts since 2014.