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Keeping on your feet in hospital

Important advice for patients on avoiding falls

It’s surprisingly easy to fall or slip while in hospital. It’s an unfamiliar environment. Medication or fatigue may affect your balance. Or you may not be as fit or as steady on your feet as you normally are. That’s why we ask you to take particular care when standing or moving about. Because your safety and well-being are important to us, this brochure describes a few ways you can reduce the risk of a fall.


Pain-relieving drugs or other medication can make you feel dizzy, as can changes to your medication. Always take special care when walking or getting to your feet.

Unfamiliar surroundings.

Make sure you know the layout of your room and where the furniture is. Take particular care if moving around at night and ensure you have the lights on.


Tiled floors, lino or other hard surfaces can be slippery, particularly if wet or when you are wearing certain kinds of footwear. Check the floors in your area and avoid using talcum powder whenever possible.

Your condition

Ask your doctor or nursing staff to fully explain your condition so you know if you should ask for help with standing or walking.

Your physiotherapist or occupational therapist can also give you advice with balance or mobility.

Visiting the bathroom.

You may need to use the toilet unexpectedly or more often than usual while in hospital. If you need help, or think you may need to visit the toilet more frequently, please ask the nurses. They are here to help you feel as comfortable as possible.


Loose or full-length clothing like pyjamas or dressing gowns can cause you to trip and fall. Make sure these are the right length for you.


Check that your slippers or other footwear fit securely. If your doctor has asked you to wear pressure stockings, it is a good Idea to wear slippers over the top so you don’t slip. Always remember that your condition may reduce your ability to stand or move freely.

Help us to care for you by taking extra care when walking.

If you need help, please call one of our nurses.