Peel Health Campus
Part of Ramsay Health Care

When you leave

Patients at Peel Health Campus can expect to be discharged from the wards by 10.00am.

If you require any outpatient follow up, you will be asked either to see your general practitioner, or in some cases a specialist. In both circumstances, the normal fee for consultation will apply.

If you have any queries in this regard, please check with your doctor or nurse before being discharged.

The discharge coordinator is available to discuss any questions or queries you may have regarding your discharge requirements and can be contacted via your nurse.

Please ensure that you are prepared for discharge. The following discharge planning checklist will assist you with questions you may need to ask prior to your discharge from hospital.


  • Do you know your expected discharge date and time?

  • Have you arranged appropriate transport home and confirmed who will be collecting you from hospital?

  • Do you know what medications you will be taking when you leave hospital?

  • Do you have a prescription or supply of all your current medications?

  • Have all your X-rays been returned to you ready for discharge? X-rays are your property and your responsibility; they may be required for any future treatment.

  • Do you have your post-discharge – these will be provided by your nurse or therapist?

  • Has your physiotherapist or occupational therapist identified any equipment needs that will assist you in your recovery or independence, eg crutches, walking frame etc?

  • If yes, has your equipment been supplied?

  • Do you require a medical certificate for your employer?

  • Is a follow up appointment with your doctor required and if so, has this been arranged?

Please check with your Clinical Nurse Manager before leaving the ward, to collect any x-rays or medications and to confirm if you have any follow-up appointments.