Peel Health Campus
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Community Board of Advice

The Community Board of Advice is an independent body.

The Community Board of Advice is an independent body comprising members of the community and executive representatives of Peel Health Campus who meet regularly. The role of the Board is to make recommendations to the Hospital concerning the delivery of services to public patients.

The Board provides guidance on the Hospital's strategic direction in light of the requirements of the community it serves, and with consideration of the overall direction and policies of the Board. It ensures that developments undertaken by the Hospital, whether physical or service-based, reflect the strategic direction. It also advises on the marketing and public relations of the Hospital to the communities it serves.

It advises on the roles the Hospital can undertake in regard to the community's needs for health services or related matters. It makes certain the quality of services provided is consistent with the Hospital's philosophy of quality as outlined in the vision, mission and values of the Hospital.