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Going Home

Let our experienced team guide you through
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Going Home

Discharge planning is a vital component of your stay at Peel Health Campus.

The anticipated length of stay following birth of your baby is:

  • Vaginal birth without complications – 6 hrs to 3 days
  • Caesarean section without complications – 3 to 5 days

Discharge time is 10.00am although this is negotiable. Please ensure that you check your room and take all your belongings with you.

Peel Health Campus maternity ward offers early discharge planning where in consultation with midwives and doctors we can follow up with any remaining care through postnatal appointments on the ward. These will be arranged prior to discharge.

For your baby’s safety please have your car fitted correctly with a seat/capsule prior to going home. This is a requirement by law.

Community nurses provide ongoing support throughout the different stages of parenting. They have specialised expertise in helping parents to care for babies and your children, monitoring their progress and development. Following discharge you will be contacted by your early childhood nurse within the first 7-10 days to organise the initial home visit. The address of your nearest early childhood nurse will be in your child’s health book.

Healthy hearing

Prior to discharge, your baby will be offered a hearing screen to see if your baby can hear well enough for speech and language development. Our experienced hearing screening team will refer you to other services as required.

For further information on the Newborn Hearing Screening Program (WA):